CSV Files → TOPdesk Assets

Upload CSV files to a WebDAV drop area and watch them be automatically imported into the new TOPdesk Asset Management module just as you want

  • Overview

    Our CSV to TOPdesk Assets connector gives you a WebDAV area where you can upload CSV files for periodic import into the new TOPdesk Asset Management module.

    Map columns directly from your CSV files into their corresponding fields in your TOPdesk Asset Templates and let the connector automatically create or update missing assets and assign them to their correct persons or sites.

  • Mapping columns

    The connector gives you full control over which file you upload corresponds to which asset and which column in that file corresponds to which field in that asset. Mapping the way you want it becomes a breeze.

    In addition to mapping columns to asset fields you can also designate a column as corresponding to a TOPdesk Person, Site, Room or Person Group. The connector will automatically assign the right object to the asset in TOPdesk.

    Assets can also be linked together using a parent/child relationships.

  • Other options

    Here are some other customizable options that we think you might like:

    • – Automatically archive assets not present in the uploaded files
    • – Only update fields in existing assets if they are empty
    • – Exactly specify the format of your CSV files so that they are parsed correctly
    • – Remove TOPdesk Asset assignments not explicitly set in the uploaded files
    • – Remove TOPdesk Asset links not explicitly set in the uploaded files
  • Personal data

    Rest assured that we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure you can trust us and this connector with any personal data that may be present in the uploaded files and comply with directives such as GDPR.

    Files uploaded to our servers are automatically deleted immediately after they have finished processing. Nothing is permanently stored on our servers.

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