Here's an overview of some of the services and products that we offer

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    Easy to use

    Setup and deploy integrations without the need for any special knowledge about the inner workings of your systems

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    Test first and deploy with confidence
    Testing tool available so you can see exactly how data is moved between systems before deploying
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    Assistance offered

    Helpful guides available for all parts of the application

  • Stay informed

    Monitoring service that alerts the right person when attention is needed somewhere

Advanced platform for integrating systems

Our primary product is a web-based platform for connecting other systems together. Using the latest technologies, we have been able to develop a platform that makes this super simple for anyone.

Rest assured that your data is in safe hands as we take care of the heavy lifting for you!

Consulting and custom development

Sometimes a more hands-on approach is required. LINKNOW will not be able to provide a ready-made integrations between every system in the world, but we sure are going to try!

If you feel that something is missing, or if you have a good idea for an integration that could be beneficial to you our your customers, we would love to give it our best shot to help you anyway.

We can provide consultancy and custom development services in this space meeting any special needs that you might have.


We are eager to form partnerships with other businesses. Together we can all become stronger and serve our customers better.

  • Are you an agency or software consultancy looking to complement your offers with system integration solutions?
  • Are you a founder, owner or employee of another SaaS product that would like to see your system integrated with others?

Sounds interesting?

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