Microsoft Azure AD → TOPdesk

The easiest way to synchronize your Active Directory users into TOPdesk

  • Overview

    Our Microsoft Azure AD to TOPdesk connector takes care of synchronizing users in your Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Person or Operator cards.

    We provide an intelligent set of defaults allowing for easy setup while still allowing users with specific needs to customize the connector. Sit back and relax while our connector ensures you always have the latest data available available just the way you need it!

  • Highly customizable

    You can easily set which AD users are synchronized based on group membership, and the connector gives you full control over how persons and operators are created down to the individual field level, ensuring the work is done the way your organization needs.

    A system for assigning the correct department and site to your cards also exist, creating the necessary objects in TOPdesk as required.

    We also created a setting to define how fields are set on the corresponding cards. You can define exactly how this works down to the individual field level if you have very specific needs.

  • Personal data

    Rest assured that we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure you can trust us and this connector with any personal data that may be present in processed data and comply with directives such as GDPR.

    While this connector may processes personal data internally as it operates it does not store any personally identifiable data on our servers permanently.

  • Demo video

    Here is a video demonstration showing some of the key features.

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