OpManager ManageEngine → TOPdesk

Alarms and Devices in OpManager are automatically created as Incidents and Assets in TOPdesk and continuously kept in sync

  • Overview

    Our OpManager ManageEngine to TOPdesk connector polls your OpManager instance with a high frequency to ensure that any new Alarms or Devices are automatically created or updated in TOPdesk as Incidents or Assets respectively.

    Map columns from your Alarms and their corresponding Devices directly into TOPdesk Incidents and Assets, and let your operators always have an updated list of alarms to work with in TOPdesk.

  • Personal data

    Rest assured that we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure you can trust us and this connector with any personal data that may be present in processed data and comply with directives such as GDPR.

    This particular connector does not use or process any personal data at all.

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