Print & Scan QR Codes → TOPdesk Incidents

Easily create QR-codes linking to your TOPdesk Assets that can then be printed with any office printer. Each QR-code contains a link to a customizable web form where your users can submit new calls, see ongoing incidents/calls and much more.

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  • Overview

    Our QR Codes to TOPdesk Assets connector allows you to select any asset from your TOPdesk installation and map it to a unique QR-code. This code can then be printed with any office printer and pasted near or on the physical asset itself, such as a meeting room, coffee machine or a laptop computer.

    When a user encounters a problem with the asset they can quickly scan the QR code with their mobile phone and open the URL contained within. This leads to a form where a description of the problem can be entered, and then submitted right into TOPdesk so that your operators can be made aware of and then solve the problem.

  • Customizable Interface

    The connector gives you access to customization options that will make your end users feel right at home. You can change the interface color of the web form to one that suits your organization, and also upload your own logo that is presented on every page.

    In addition to visual settings it is also possible to add or remove fields from the web form for reporting incidents. Instead of requiring the end user to enter their own description of the problem you can let them choose from a pre-defined drop-down list.

  • Other features

    In addition to reporting problems for your assets we have created some other features you might like as well:

    • – Show the user if there are any ongoing problems with the asset
    • – Display a list of child assets
    • – Report problems/incidents for child assets
    • – Translation into several languages
  • Personal data

    Rest assured that we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure you can trust us and this connector with any personal data that may be present in the uploaded files and comply with directives such as GDPR.

    We do not store any information about which QR-codes you have printed or any data that your users submits using the web form.

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